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4 things I talked myself out of buying this week

I am the worst at making myself buy things. Like things I actually need. I feel like it’s too much of a decision and suddenly it seems like a lot less hassle to just walk out of the shop/website with nothing.

But sometimes you actually need to spend money, and sometimes it’s actually better to spend MORE money as it’ll last you longer. I know that, like I know that I won’t get to work on time if I snooze my alarm clock one more time, but y’know that’s life isn’t it, we can’t be these all-knowing beings all the time can we because that would just be SO BORING.

1. I went into Topshop in Oxford Street because I really needed to be herded around a room full of galaxy print leggings, camo jackets and leather detailing. No, seriously I was going to try on coats because: #winterorsomething. But you know if you’re going to go and do something as boring as trying on coats you’re going to have to come away wanting a bunch of other things you don’t need instead.

Exhibit A: Leather LOVE Baseball cap (that I thought was from Her Curious Nature, but doesn’t seem to exist on the internet, hence this gloriously crappy photo). Dude, this costs £45. Um.


2. I tried to look at coats – so I thought about buying this one for a bit. I might still. But you know. THE FEAR, etc. This is ASOS so I could even return it without much hassle. I guess I’m just a total wuss. Wow, let’s move on before this blog turns into a lil self-hate continuum of cowardice.


3. It’s not actually strictly true to say I ran away from Asos because I actually ran around the corner to the designer section (so that I could buy something “lasting” and “worthwhile” with my money, which “would make me feel less guilty”)

But then I liked ALL the T-shirts and I am on an enforced T-shirt ban because they are easy to buy so I shouldn’t have any more, right? Also this one is OVER a hundred pounds (and it doesn’t even come with the leather cap pictured with it…). Which means it’s time to leave the designer section…


4….and head on over to ebay, where I remembered I wanted to buy four more of these bad boys in different colours. I already own this charming black number, and my friends said I looked like Sporty Spice #proud. But then these guys are like £2.50 each, so what’s the point of buying them, really, anyway, when they cost so little?

Someone. Show me how to empty my wallet. I am failing at consumerism.